Ambrossia chooses its Diamond

Theresa Albert - Designer

Münster University


The “Nectar of the Gods” into the Bruni Glass Jar

A family business, created between Gargas (France) and Archivel (Murcia), dedicated to the production of jams and marmalades, with centenary recipes and more than 30 years of experience. Ambrossia Confituras stands out thanks to the high quality raw material and especially to the unique and original packaging.
The name “Ambrossia” comes from the Greek “Ambrosia”, a word that identifies the nectar of the gods and that best expresses the idea of ​​a product with a sublime flavor that results only from the use of fresh and seasonal fruit.

This is exactly why the Spanish company Ambrossia has chosen for its jam a high-end container that is able to convey the idea of ​​luxury and refinement. This is the Diamond jar, one of the finalist projects of the 2013 edition of the Bruni Glass Design Award.

Designed by Theresa Albert, former student at the University of Münster, Diamond is the ideal choice for those who want to embellish a high-quality product with an elegant and sophisticated container whose particularity is given by the shape that recalls that of a diamond.

For over a year and a half, Ambrossia Confituras has chosen Bruni Glass to provide itself with innovative and successful packaging and stand out among all the others. In fact, for more than forty years, Bruni Glass meets the needs of its customers by offering a wide variety of new shapes with a unique and innovative design and offering a punctual and thrilling service.