The workshop

Bruni Glass Design Award is the first big 8-month university workshop that transforms the aspirations of young designers into a real job opportunity: a highly formative experience.

Politecnico di Milano

The contest stimulates competition among students and improves their knowledge of materials and technologies that are often unknown. Quoting Albert Einstein: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination embraces the world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." ... after all I believe that these words are stimulating and clarify our role as Designers and as Professors.

Professor Martino Zinzone

The Universities


The University Degree in Industrial Design was started for the first time in Italy at the Politecnico di Milano. In the year 2000 it has become Faculty of Design and today is the largest international university for product, communication, interior, fashion and furniture designers. The University has always focused on quality and innovation of education and research, developing a productive relationship with the economic and productive reality through experimental research and technology transfer.


Mario Bisson

The University of Münster is one of the largest universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. Founded as a "University of arts and crafts", an artistic academy, today it aims at training in the fields of Presentation and Exposure Design, Moving Picture Media, Corporate Identity, Product Design, Communication Design, Photography, Graphics, Illustration. The department is one of the few of its kind in Germany and offers an integrated three-year degree program which is an excellent preparation for an extremely challenging career.


Steffen Schulz
IUT REIMS - France

The Institute of Technology (IUT) of Reims-Châlons-Charleville was founded in 1966 and belongs to the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. The school has 2,600 science and technology students in three locations, 14 professional university degrees, work-study programs and since 2005 a Degree in Industrial Design applied to packaging.


Anne Lise Daltin
IED MADRID / Istituto Europeo de Design - SPAIN

IED Madrid is a private educational center that is part of the IUED Group, an international network for higher education in design and management. IED, with its Madrid headquarters, continues the expansion process all over the world. For 12 years its values have been the same: quality, avant-garde training, a direct relationship with the business world and a humanistic education that recognizes culture as a symbol of identity.


Ana Alvear
UCSF / Universidad Católica de Santa Fe - Argentina

The Industrial Design Degree has started in 2013 within the faculty of architecture. UCSF is a community dedicated to research, student training, at the service of the society in which it is located. The degree course in Industrial Design is based on an intense program of collaboration with the industries, with which the students progressively integrate themselves through seminars and tutoring programs.


Gonzalo Savogin

Purdue University, an important public research institute, offers a proven high-quality higher education. The University is committed to the success of its students and it is changing the study experience by increasing the interaction between teachers and students and the creative use of technology. Committed to pursuing scientific discoveries and engineering solutions, Purdue supports innovative teachers and students who have a vision to contribute to the progress of the world.


Steve Visser
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